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If this time and space big crack really is the sacred

sea on of,wedding dresses at we beautiful person fish Kingdom!You don't believe me to take you to see!Beautiful person fish the prince say with smile anyway we all have the Ao Shu the transmission,simple wedding dresses the words going to are very convenient!As long as you promise our conditions,wedding dresses I can give° Long Dan you now,ball gown wedding dresses and take you to see that time and space big crack,wedding dresses I know that this story sounds to have a little Xuan,lace wedding dresses but you as long as personally witnessing,wedding dresses can't think that what I say is a leasing!Old Liu is exactly this meaning,simple wedding dresses say of much and rather produce actual evidence again.Pass sorcery transmission arrive at evil boundary bottom of sea,wedding dresses beautiful person's fish immediately receives the sacred Ultrasaurus egg to old Liu to inspect.This is a white huge egg that is large to have no Lun,ball gown wedding dresses contain matchless Long Xi of pure and unadulterated,wedding dresses regardless is an old silk of Liu still a Dai,lace wedding dresses again or Anne degree orchid old dad,wedding dresses all ability the eye break settle.Beautiful person the fish emperor's son again will even spreads at the sea surface of the sky on of the crack with big time and space point to old Liu.In the bleak sky, this time and space big crack if is careless,wedding dresses having a liking for the still true elephant is a clouds.Its shape is peculiar and matchless, completely even spreads in the sky,wedding dresses just like to sky but sign of cauldron, only fly up the sky,wedding dresses then looking down downward can discover.If this time and space big crack really is the sacred Ultrasaurus develops, Liu was shocking to really concede to come home to this sacred Ultrasauruses!Who be the ability experiencing ten thousand years to return like this arrogant ability of ability under the circumstance that print pregnant physical endowment infirmity?Long Zu Ban's Mu laurel English!Liu shocked to send the fromest the heart praise to this great sacred Ultrasaurus.We the evil boundary sea clan nobody will fly, so can not check and explore big crack in the time and space is lead to where, personal suggestion you, had better be not c
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